Inka Lights
Contemporary lights made in the tiffany technique kept in white glass with the inclusion of natural and manmade materials
Lights with Globes and Circles
Lights with Slate, Crystals and Tumble Stones
Lights whith the inclusion of slate
Lights with Shells and Pebbles
Lights with Squares
Magic Lantern Lights
With these Lights I use magic lantern slides. Most of these are from about 1890-1930.
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Light with polished rose quartz set in pink/purple/lilac squares

Light with clear glass stone set in neutral squares

light with blue/gren squares set in circle pattern

Light with blue /grey glass stone set in pattern of blue/grey squares

clear turquoise glass stone set in line of squares in slate and grey glass

light with turquoise glass stone set in line of grey/blue/turquoise squares

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